The transport sector is evolving continuously and therefore requires innovative economic models that can keep pace with this change, or even stay one step ahead of it.

Distance is no longer the main restriction, meaning that we need to secure the possibility of moving goods and/or people from one place to another safely, quickly and efficiently. Punctuality and a regular service are the main demands made by users and are therefore the key performance indicators applied in assessing customer services.

The Eurogroup Consulting Transport team assists clients in designing processes, analysing market evolution and creating new opportunities


To do so, Eurogroup Consulting is proud to boast a portfolio of sector-specific expertise:

Digital transformation now forms a part of all sectors and, if handled incorrectly, can prove to be a double-edged sword. The modern, cutting-edge company must be able to make the most of this transformation and adapt to suit the “digital behaviour” of its customers.
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Transformation projects entail cultural and behavioural changes in people – a company’s main asset.
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It is often assumed that a logistics/distribution system is effective and efficient; this is not always the case: continuous commitment is required to ensure that an optimal balance is maintained of costs and services.
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