Consumer Goods is a very strong sector in the spread of “Made in Italy” products worldwide. Here, the competitive position needs to be re-thought and solutions sought with a strong impact on corporate performance and operative processes.

We help companies build up a solid competitive standing through product and process innovation and the development of strategies by which to handle and anticipate the evolution of their world.

Our expertises

Commercial Effectiveness

Maximize commercial effectiveness through the definition of appropriate marketing plans and the improvement of sales force effectiveness.

The managers of an organisational structure have to deal with questions like:

  • Is the size of the commercial network coherent with the business strategies and objectives?
  • Does the territorial alignment of the network guarantee optimal coverage of target customers?
  • Can the work of the sales team be controlled and measured in a structured manner?
  • Are the activities of the various members of the sales team coherent with what is required?
  • Is the incentive system in line with the company strategy and, above all, does itpositively impact sales force performance?
  • Are sales force supplied with all the supporting tools they need to achieve their targets?

Here at Eurogroup Consulting, we are firmly convinced that there is no absolute “best solution”, rather there is a best solution for a specific company in a specific market position; we therefore help our clients answer these questions, offering tailored business solutions aiming to quickly achieve concrete and measurable results.

Our strategy is based on a structured project that involves:

  • marketing plan and trade marketing plan
  • redefinition of the brand strategy
  • increasing the sales force effectiveness
  • building an optimal organizational structure

Operational & Process Excellence

Design effective and efficient processes in terms of costs, time and quality.

Business Strategy

Every company has its own, pre-defined strategic targets and Business Strategy is the organisational structure that can help ensure they are achieved.

The key steps in redefining a corporate business strategy are:

  • benchmarking and the construction of competitive scenarios
  • the design of the organisational model and corporate governance processes
  • strategic planning and economic-financial impacts
  • search for and selection of industrial and commercial partners

Eurogroup Consulting supports company management teams in redefining their business position, according to the competition and assessing market scenarios and medium/long-term strategic goals. Together, we work with the company to define a business model, checking market, organisational and economic sustainability. We help companies with M&A processes and in preparing the subsequent business plans, making sector-specific skills available along with innovative methodological approaches and the know-how that derives from our membership of an international network.

HR & Mobilization

Ensure the success of transformation projects through the support to cultural and behavioral changes in people – a company’s main asset.

Transformation projects have a significant impact on the people involved, in terms of organizational, behavioral and cultural implications.

The “mobilization” of people is therefore an essential factor to succeed in any transformation project.

But what are people “mobilization” drivers? Are they rational or emotional elements? Or both?

According to our experience in managing important transformation projects, we are firmly convinced that change cannot be forced; it must be properly understood and adopted by the people involved to be truly effective.

Our approach is based on four essential steps:

  • Create the “need” for change
  • Identify the “agents” of the change
  • Start the transformation process from the foundations of the organisational structure
  • Develop the necessary competences for an effective transformation.

Over the years, we have developed methods and tools supporting mobilisation, keeping always in mind that the human and cultural factor is extremely varied and cannot be broached in a purely “scientific” way.

Mergers, Outsourcing, Partnerships and Large Transformation

Mergers and acquisitions between businesses and the search for suitable partners are processes that are both complex and delicate, involving choices that are not always immediately obvious and in-depth analyses of alternatives.