The healthcare system is under increasing pressure for change. It seeks a balance between its mission to provide healthcare as a public service and competitive aspects of the industry, while dealing with population growth in eastern countries, aging population in western ones and a better access to care in emerging markets.

The digital age is having a large impact on healthcare system, with a boost of information availability, cost reduction and real-time analytics.

We are working with all the actors in the chain: pharmaceutical and medical devices companies and manufacturers on one hand, and public and private hospitals on the other hand, passing through distributors, insurers and services providers in general.

Eurogroup Consulting aims at providing clear responses to clients and supporting them to solve complicated problems and motivate change in processes that guarantee excellent performance.

Our expertises

Market Access & Go-To-Market

Ensure a quick and cost-effective access to the market as key element of commercial success of new products.

Commercial Effectiveness

Maximize commercial effectiveness through the definition of appropriate marketing plans and the improvement of sales force effectiveness.

The managers of an organisational structure have to deal with questions like:

  • Is the size of the commercial network coherent with the business strategies and objectives?
  • Does the territorial alignment of the network guarantee optimal coverage of target customers?
  • Can the work of the sales team be controlled and measured in a structured manner?
  • Are the activities of the various members of the sales team coherent with what is required?
  • Is the incentive system in line with the company strategy and, above all, does itpositively impact sales force performance?
  • Are sales force supplied with all the supporting tools they need to achieve their targets?

Here at Eurogroup Consulting, we are firmly convinced that there is no absolute “best solution”, rather there is a best solution for a specific company in a specific market position; we therefore help our clients answer these questions, offering tailored business solutions aiming to quickly achieve concrete and measurable results.

Our strategy is based on a structured project that involves:

  • marketing plan and trade marketing plan
  • redefinition of the brand strategy
  • increasing the sales force effectiveness
  • building an optimal organizational structure

HR & Mobilization

Ensure the success of transformation projects through the support to cultural and behavioral changes in people – a company’s main asset.

Transformation projects have a significant impact on the people involved, in terms of organizational, behavioral and cultural implications.

The “mobilization” of people is therefore an essential factor to succeed in any transformation project.

But what are people “mobilization” drivers? Are they rational or emotional elements? Or both?

According to our experience in managing important transformation projects, we are firmly convinced that change cannot be forced; it must be properly understood and adopted by the people involved to be truly effective.

Our approach is based on four essential steps:

  • Create the “need” for change
  • Identify the “agents” of the change
  • Start the transformation process from the foundations of the organisational structure
  • Develop the necessary competences for an effective transformation

Over the years, we have developed methods and tools supporting mobilisation, keeping always in mind that the human and cultural factor is extremely varied and cannot be broached in a purely “scientific” way.

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 and digitalization have transformed the classic concept of the supply chain, where an ecosystem is always more integrated, and where every aspect of productive process play a major role.

In recent years, innovative companies have sought to invest and pay particularly close attention to the control of logistics and distribution processes launching systems through which optimise the supply chain and thereby obtaining the following improvements:

  • Greater operative efficiency
  • Savings on running costs
  • Improved service levels
  • Increased customer satisfaction

All this has been achieved through the continuous monitoring of the main process indicators.

This shows that the optimization of the supply chain is a key element in the value chain and can therefore be used as tactical, strategic leverage in support of the company’s sales and infrastructural processes.

Eurogroup Consulting works within this context, proposing customised solutions based on specific needs of the client and aiming at concreteachievement and measurable results in the short term.

Eurogroup Consulting also offers tailored tools specifically developed to support the processes impacted, along with benchmarks that help identify the company’s position in the reference market.

Sales & Distribution Excellence

Design effective and efficient processes in terms of costs, time and quality.

Digital Transformation

Leverage on digital transformation, that is now present in all sectors and, if wrongly managed, can be a double-edged sword for the company, suiting the “digital behavior” of its customers.

Digitalization is driving organizations to make major, quick changes that require considerable investment in new technologies.

Experts in the field tend to use digitalization to “preserve” the current business model whereas  digitalization can mean a clean break with this and a change to business models.

Digital, which is perceived as both an opportunity and a threat, requires in-depth understanding of the demands and concerns raised by both internal and external users.

Our key proposals to easily achieve a digital transformation are:

Speed up digital businesses
  • Innovative business models
    We help our customers define up-to-date digital strategies through the mobilization of innovative ecosystems.
  • Service design
    We design digital services based on user experiences.
  • Quantitative intelligence
    We integrate quantitative approaches with big data analysis and artificial intelligence.
Help our clients bring their digital transformation to life
  • Digital Shift
    We transform businesses, organizations, collaboration models and competences to ensure the best possible impact in the digital area.
  • Digital factories
    We develop and launch “digital factories”, technological architectures and other methods to enable and facilitate the transition to digital.
  • The art of mobilization
    We mobilize all stakeholders involved in digital transformation and guide the change using digital tools.