Industry 4.0 and digitalization have transformed the classic concept of the supply chain, where an ecosystem is always more integrated, and where every aspect of productive process play a major role.

In recent years, innovative companies have sought to invest and pay particularly close attention to the control of logistics and distribution processes launching systems through which optimise the supply chain and thereby obtaining the following improvements:

  • Greater operative efficiency
  • Savings on running costs
  • Improved service levels
  • Increased customer satisfaction

All this has been achieved through the continuous monitoring of the main process indicators.

This shows that the optimization of the supply chain is a key element in the value chain and can therefore be used as tactical, strategic leverage in support of the company’s sales and infrastructural processes.

Eurogroup Consulting works within this context, proposing customised solutions based on specific needs of the client and aiming at concreteachievement and measurable results in the short term.

Eurogroup Consulting also offers tailored tools specifically developed to support the processes impacted, along with benchmarks that help identify the company’s position in the reference market.