Pre- and post-merger integration: How to ensure the business continuity in the market, meeting the deadlines and the goals defined at global level?

Over the past years, across different sectors, we witnessed a significant number of acquisitions and mergers, which impacted entire companies or specific branches. These kinds of operations are a response to a continuously changing market and to an extremely competitive environment. There are several reasons behind these operations and can be categorized into one, or…


Supply Chain Continuity post CoViD-19

CoViD-19 and the initiatives to stop the spread are putting industries and manufacturers under pressure like never before. This special moment is throwing the whole production and logistics system into crisis: Shortages of components, finished products and PPEs, due to suppliers located in critical areas, inventory reduction strategies, cross-border transportation system interruption by governments decisions…


Smart Incentives

Smart Incentives – How to effectively motivate and mobilize sales force organization

There’s a mismatch between what science knows and what business does. As a matter of fact, social sciences have demonstrated for a long time that traditional incentives models, rewarding targets achievement, do not positively affect performances, especially in activities that require even rudimentary cognitive skills (The puzzle of motivation, D. Pink). Nevertheless, we all know…



Multi-Channel & Marketing Mix

Consumer Goods and Services Markets are facing a deep transformation. The rise of new technologies, such as IoT, Big Data, Mobile, Apps, Wearable tools, has introduced new communication channels and has made the “Customer Journey” much more complex through the increase of the touchpoints influencing customers’ behavior. These disruptive elements make more difficult to analyze…


How to be Agile

How to be Agile – effectively and cleverly

Besides the original application of Agile methodologies in IT and digital projects, organizations have started developing agile-change management models, to respond to fast market changes and consequent need to mobilize internal players. Agile model is an “effective” solution to prepare companies to react to and manage changes, creating structures where employees are persons interacting and…


Industry 4.0

Towards Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 and digitalisation are the key words regarding manufacturing and supply chain evolution. An increasingly number of companies is allocating an important part of their budgets to Industry 4.0 related projects. Each manufacturing plant, regardless of the sector, knows that something shall be done on this topic and the management is daily pushed to…